Give your business
a new way of thinking

Bamboo Difference upgrades your mindset and enables your team to support business change through Leadership Coaching and tailored Change Management Programs.

Bamboo Difference develops leadership skills in guiding and motivating teams through the uncertainty and complexity of business change.

We work with organisations who want to create resilient leaders and steer their teams through change. Our proven methods and personalised experiences have built flexible teams able to adapt to the changing nature of business objectives.

We help global multi-national corporations and executives in every level of corporate learning,  from leadership coaching to design, development and delivery of our tailored change management programs.

Adapt Your Team

to forward thinking leadership and future development

Removing legacy practices, reducing inertia in projects, and leveraging new technologies and methodologies.


Bamboo Experiences

Develop current and future leaders

Your employee experience stems from the top and into teams, creating an environment that makes or breaks growth. When you’re at a juncture, we help you grow flexibly.


Team Experiences

Leadership Coaching

for growth and development

Benefit from first-hand executive and commercial experience and from dealing with stakeholders of different seniority across diverse sectors.


Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re already working to unite your organisation or are taking your first steps to transformation, Bamboo Difference can be an external partner with the skills to:

  1. Understand scalability: How to smoothly achieve scalable growth for your business
  2. Deliver impactful learning experiences: Encourage people to grow & develop themselves through lifelong learning
  3. Change behaviours: Simply and practically change thought processes and working habits with fresh perspectives
  4. Align new business objectives: Through targeted programs and immersions
  5. Provide insight: latest research, methodologies, and executive skills that drive business growth through people
Bamboo Difference Leadership Development Programs have been trusted and respected by 100+ organisations:

Bamboo Difference aids transitioning leadership teams, helps with business process changes, and future-proofs your business in times of change.


“Bamboo Difference has been our partner in developing leaders and managers since 2011. Their programs are very effective with a lot of fun, creativity and drive making them very innovative and focused on results. They are always a pleasure to work with”.

Mukta Arya

Head of Human Resources, SEA / Head of People and Talent Development APAC

Société Générale

Become the leader that Makes A Difference

Practical tools to resolve conflict, influence others, and improve communication in the workplace.

Our Career Development Tools >


“They are able to identify issues quickly and precisely, and form solutions that work best for you and your business”.

Daphne Choi

Managing Director

Uniplan Hong Kong

We help people develop the qualities of bamboo:
resilient, fast growing, flexible and self-sustaining.

Who is Bamboo Difference?
We are a group of experienced professionals with a proven record of helping businesses, individuals and professional teams to develop, achieve success and navigate through changes. We are not just “trainers”. We are mentors who help you build a mindset for collaboration, change, and creativity. We are facilitators of experiences that open your team up to a new perspective. We are thought leaders who help you support business change that creates impact.

That’s what we’re here for: To help leaders achieve positive impact.

Get in touch with us for a dialogue on how to achieve your goals.

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