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We work with leaders who want to grow as much as their businesses. Our personalised experienced-based sessions have created resilient leaders who can adapt and move forward with changes.

Bamboo Difference Executive Coaching includes continuously researched and applied approaches. Each with unique, practical steps that provide immediate help for specific issues of importance to you.

Through each session, you’ll learn the key ways to build an adaptive team and leadership mindset with a mix of coaching, research insights and adaptive tools.

You can then use your own real situation, data from multiple perspectives and fresh frameworks to address your challenges and make progress.

Bamboo Difference Executive Coaches help you identify your goals, map a path to achieve them, and flexibly respond to change along the way.

As a leader, you are responsible for your teams’ development as well as your own. Our executive coaching programs will help you reconcile both demands and become an impactful and motivating leader.


“Balancing challenging, personal insight with structure and theory bringing a blend of academic knowledge and thoughtful provocation which allows you to reframe and  re-examine your behaviour and thinking.”

Gayla Cowie

Regional Head of HR, Asia and Oceania



“I found our conversations insightful and very relevant to my business. My leadership skills have been strengthened and my time is now put to good use and more focussed on what is important, strategically.”

Kevin Kruger

Director and General Manager



“The entire experience of executive coaching was incredibly positive, supportive and inspiring. We worked on ensuring good self awareness as a leader, meaningful goal setting and driving results. I felt I achieved positive leadership growth.”

Kathy Kendall

Head of Group Quality

Cathay Pacific

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Who is Bamboo Difference?
We are a group of experienced professionals with a proven record in helping businesses, individuals, and professional teams to develop, achieve success and navigate through changes. We are not just “trainers”. We are mentors who help you build a mindset for collaboration, change, and creativity. We are facilitators of experiences that open your team up to a new perspective. We are thought leaders who help you support business change that creates impact.

That’s what we’re here for: To help leaders achieve positive impact.

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