We’ve spent nine incredible years developing executives and their teams to grow stronger, faster, and better.

Bamboo Difference aids transitioning leadership teams, helps with business process changes, and future proofs your business in times of change.


Helping teams see change positively

The Bamboo Experience leadership challenge below encouraged leaders to dialogue with diverse people to truly understand their pain points. They then used prototyping to deliver meaningful solutions. These insights and skills are now applied by leaders to solve their own daily business challenges.


Here’s a snapshot of the impact of a recent Bamboo Experience program:

This shows an increase in resilience to change, ability to see the big picture, and understanding of leadership and team management.


in participants who Agree:
“I am resilient and agile to change.”


in participants who Agree:
“I am able to take a step back and see the bigger picture.”


in participants who Agree:
“I am able to build a successful team at work.”


in participants who Agree:
“I can create practical solutions through protoyping.”

Our customers can tell you how they felt…

“I was able to convert all that we discussed into actionable items to work toward my objectives”

Emily Yau

Vice President


“It brings value not just to their own development, but to their team’s development, and contribute something to this wonderful charity”

Colin Robertson


RBS Hong Kong

“I strongly recommend these for anyone at a leadership level trying to build a strong, motivated team.”

Bhavna Jagtiani

Western Region Director

Edelman Public Relations

“Completely different to what we typically do on these off-sites – I’m just so impressed at what we’ve been able to achieve”

RBS Employee

on a BD program

Bamboo Difference Programs have been trusted and respected by 100+ organisations:

Bamboo Difference aids transitioning leadership teams, helps with business process changes, and future-proofs your business in times of change.

“spurred creativity, thinking and motivation!”

“Understood the challenge in my team management”

Empower Yourself to Create Impact

We help people develop the qualities of bamboo: resilient, fast growing, flexible and self-sustaining.

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Who is Bamboo Difference?
We are a group of experienced professionals with a proven record in helping businesses, individuals and professional teams achieve success and navigate through changes. We are not just “trainers”. We are mentors who help you build a mindset for collaboration, change, and creativity. We are facilitators of experiences that open your team up to a new perspective. We are thought leaders who help you support business change that creates impact.

That’s what we’re here for: To help leaders achieve positive impact.

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